Personnel Commission and Joint Commission

Personnel Commission (CPeSUPSI)

The CPeSUPSI represents staff members in dealings with the SUPSI Direction and has the aim of:

  • creating and developing in SUPSI a relationship of trust between the Direction and the staff and to promote peaceful collaboration;
  • discussing with the Direction all matters of common interest, to develop and maintain a sense of mutual responsibility in the interests of both sides.

Members of the Personnel Commission:

  • Enza Mascara (DIR), President
  • Laura Spacca (DFA), Vice-President
  • Ilaria Sandrini (DACD), Secretary
  • Elisa Forrer (DEASS), Representative
  • Sabrina Zanfrini-Silini (DTI), Representative

Joint Commission (CPaSUPSI)

The CPaSUPSI is made up of 4 members and 2 deputies representing SUPSI and 3 members and 2 deputies representing the trade union organisations that are signatories of the CCLSUPSI. The CPaSUPSI appoints a president, a vice-president and a secretary-cashier from among its members.

Members of the Joint Commission:

  • Franco Gervasoni - President CPaSUPSI
  • Patricia Girolmetti - Secretary-cashier CPaSUPSI
  • Nadia Bregoli – Director Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Renato Bernasconi – Administrative Director


  • Luca Crivelli - Director of the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care
  • Pamela Valeggia - Head of General Direction Services

Trade union:

  • Massimo Mantovani (VPOD) - Vice-President CPaSUPSI
  • Giorgio Fonio (OCST)
  • Mattia Bosco (SIT)


  • Marvin Ceruti (OCST)
  • Fausto Calabretta (VPOD)