Energy Saving Plan
Considering the current energy situation, the SUPSI management has decided to introduce its Energy Saving Plan, in line with the main regulations issued by the Federal Council and the State Council of Canton Ticino. In addition to management interventions, there are behavioural measures addressed to the entire SUPSI academic community.

The Energy Savings Plan will go into effect on October 17, 2022, and will be implemented in phases as the situation evolves over the coming months. The first phase involves a series of measures to reduce energy consumption and raise awareness among the SUPSI academic community on the issue. These are mainly measures that affect the heating and lighting of buildings, the distribution of hot water and the use of electrical appliances, without affecting the smooth running of activities.

The management-type measures will be introduced progressively and according to applicability to different sites, while the entire SUPSI academic community is being asked to apply the behavioural-type measures immediately. An internal communication campaign has been created for this purpose.

Management measures

  • Adaptation of an internal temperature of 20°C inside buildings.
  • Reducing or turning off the temperature at night, on weekends, during closed periods, and in buildings or parts of buildings that do not house activities.
  • Reduction of on-site indoor and outdoor lighting periods.
  • Reduction or interruption of domestic hot water production and distribution where possible.
  • Turning off electric hand dryers in the toilet facilities.
  • Increase of temperatures of the Data Center rooms.

Behavioural measures

  • Turn off non-essential lights.
  • Limit the use of elevators.
  • Turn off standby equipment (copiers, beamers, information screens, coffee machines, etc.).
  • Properly ventilate rooms with regular area changes, do not leave windows open or tilted.
  • Use unnecessary electrical appliances wisely (coffee machines, refrigerators, microwaves, kettles), and avoid using personal appliances in offices/rooms.


Ensuring the parsimonious use of natural resources in the management of the institution is one of the sustainability goals set out in the first SUPSI Sustainability Report. This particular contingency phase has only accelerated the introduction of a number of measures planned by SUPSI for the four-year period 2021-2024, aimed at reducing its energy consumption, and at raising awareness of respectful behaviour towards energy resources among the entire academic community.