Internal services

SUPSI provides students and staff with a counselling service where they can turn to in periods of personal, interpersonal, emotional and relational difficulties related to the university and/or the professional field.
 Counselling and psychological support service
The General Secretariat provides support services for the entire institution, in particular for the SUPSI Board and the SUPSI Direction, with a role of coordination of activities and control of work flows, information and data. It also acts as an interface in relations between the offices of the relative cantonal and federal institutions within the university environment.
General Secretariat
Finance and Controlling aims to manage the financial information deriving from general accounting and management control activities (estimates, closure forecasts, financial development plan, investment planning and deviation analysis) to ensure that financial equilibrium is maintained and institutional objectives are achieved.
Finance and Controlling
The mission of the Gender and Diversity Service is to ensure the promotion of equal opportunities and to integrate gender equality and diversity at all levels and in all areas of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts: in policy, strategy, staff management and development, basic and continuing studies, research and services.
Gender and Diversity Service
The mission is to provide quality services in the management of the activities of the professional life cycle of our employees, and to manage data, procedures and other information necessary to ensure compliance with legal provisions on employment relations.
Human Resources
Institutional Communication oversees the identity of the School and coordinates the institutional information and communication activities defined in relation to the communication objectives.
Institutional Communication
The library, open to all, offers its document resources and a range of services to SUPSI students and collaborators, and also to external parties.
Information Technology provides digital services and solutions to support the institutional strategy. It supports students, researchers, technical-administrative and academic staff and the wider SUPSI community with user-oriented services providing a stable and reliable technological environment that encourages the use of technology as a facilitator and accelerator of daily activities and as a support for the school's strategy.
Information Technology
Since 2001, the Service has provided support in the operational management of SUPSI's Quality Assurance System and the related institutional accreditation procedure, as well as offering certification services for management systems and training activities.
SUPSI's infrastructure management is entrusted to the Real Estate and Facility Management Service.
Real Estate and Facility Management Service
The Service is the transversal support structure for the whole of SUPSI, able to provide assistance and promote the various financing instruments present at local, national and at European - international level. In particular, it supports researchers in the drafting of funding applications for both formal and content aspects by providing individual support.
Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer Service
This service supports and assists teachers, departments and affiliated schools on issues related with education in order to provide quality training. It works on aspects related to the instruction and pedagogical-didactic qualification of teachers and institutions.
Higher Education and Teacher Training
The SL Service is based on the central role of the student and his needs and organizes and coordinates strategic activities and administrative services dedicated to the accompaniment, planning and development of training and professional career before, during and after university studies.
Student life Service
The Day Nursery is promoted by the SUPSI Direction to allow for a better reconciliation of family, professional and/or study commitments for employees, students and collaborators of SUPSI and outside families.
SUPSInido (Day Nursery)