SUPSInido (Day Nursery)

Head: Elena Giambini Barutta
SUPSInido (Day Nursery)
SUPSInido is a service promoted by the SUPSI Management in order to allow a better reconciliation between family, professional and/or study commitments of SUPSI employees, collaborators, SUPSI students and external families.

Open since January 2005, SUPSInido welcomes a maximum of 23 children at the same time, aged between 4 months and 3-4 years (for more information see the section "The Service", in italian). Children of the SUPSI staff and student body are admitted as a priority and, if places are available, children from external families.
SUPSI, with its experience in training social workers in the Department of Business Management and Social Sciences - since 1 October 2014 named Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care - offers a quality service managed by a qualified educational team that aims to meet the needs of children and parents.
Particular care is given to the relationships between educators and children and between the Service and the family, for the co-planning of a personalized educational path that respects the rhythms and needs of each child. By encouraging exploration and experience, children are accompanied towards the conquest of autonomy with complete respect for their individuality.

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News: SUPSInido and USI-SUPSInido

In September 2020, the new USI-SUPSInido Service will open at the East Campus of Lugano Viganello.
The new nursery will welcome up to 23 children and will be available to the children of USI and SUPSI staff and students. For further information please contact the SUPSInido Manager.
SUPSInido Manno will maintain its current offer at the Stabile Suglio di Manno.