Finance and Controlling

Head: Alessia Neviani
Finance and Controlling
Finance and Controlling aims to manage the financial information deriving from general accounting and management control activities (estimates, closure forecasts, financial development plan, investment planning and deviation analysis) to ensure that financial equilibrium is maintained and institutional objectives are achieved.

By working closely with the departmental finance representatives and the secretariats of the departments and institutes, the Service takes care of all aspects related to accountancy. In particular, it manages the financial accounting activities (balance sheet and profit and loss accounts, VAT reporting, preparation of the management report with flow statement and equity statement, application of the internal financial control system), auxiliary accounts receivable and payable and cash management (processing of incoming and outgoing payments).

It is also responsible for project management (monitoring, financial reporting, project audits), analytical accounting, activity surveys of individual SUPSI employees, the preparation of estimates and financial plans, deviation analysis between actual and estimates and the annual audit of SUPSI accounts.

Finance and Controlling guarantees:

  • the proper management of the financial resources necessary to ensure the performance of SUPSI's activities and the achievement of its strategic objectives;
  • transparency with regard to origin and use of financial resources and financing conditions;
  • the functioning of the internal control system for the purposes of corporate objectives by managing activities effectively and efficiently.