Gender and Diversity Service

Head: Vittoria Calabretta
Gender and Diversity Service
The mission of the Gender and Diversity Service is to ensure the promotion of equal opportunities and to integrate gender equality and diversity at all levels and in all areas of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts: in policy, strategy, staff management and development, basic and continuing studies, research and services.

Through its activities, the Service ensures the achievement of the following objectives:

  • development and promotion of the culture of diversity throughout the School so that it becomes a systemic culture and a widespread stream of thought (Gender Mainstreaming versus Diversity Mainstreaming);
  • promoting equal careers and achieving a greater gender balance in different functions and positions on the hierarchical scale;
  • promotion of organizational well-being and harmonization and reconciliation between study and / or work commitments with personal life by enhancing the framework conditions that allow flexible working methods to be expanded;
  • achieving of a more equal representation of female and male students in the training courses;
  • integration of gender equality and attention to diversity in basic and continuing studies, research and SUPSI services;
  • support for a more inclusive and diversified teaching.
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