Real Estate and Facility Management Service

Head: Livio Berardo
Real Estate and Facility Management Service
SUPSI's infrastructure management is entrusted to the Real Estate and Facility Management Service.

The Service deals with the strategic management of SUPSI's real estate assets ensuring adequate conditions for the quality development of SUPSI's priority activities.
It has the task of preserving the value of real estate throughout its entire life cycle thanks to a careful strategic approach and control of real estate risks.
Facility Management is responsible for organizing, coordinating and controlling all the operations aimed at ensuring the functional efficiency of the infrastructure in accordance with the purposes for which they have been carried out in order to guarantee the defined service levels, and for managing the services and providing advice on purchasing procedures, implementing SUPSI's development policies in order to obtain suitable and safe working and study environments for the effective and efficient performance of activities.
In carrying out the activities, the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability are considered and which are integrated in a coordinated way by observing the financial, architectural, engineering and behavioural aspects.