SUPSInido (Day Nursery)

SUPSInido (Day Nursery)
The Day Nursery is promoted by the SUPSI Direction to allow for a better reconciliation of family, professional and/or study commitments for employees, students and collaborators of SUPSI and outside families.

Through collaboration with educational departments and local institutions, the service also aims to participate in the development and supervision of educational quality and a regional nursery culture.

The Day Nursery coordinates the SUPSI nursery centres (SUPSInido Manno, USI SUPSInido Viganello and SUPSInido Locarno). These are designed for children from 4 months to 3-4 years of age and are accessible primarily to SUPSI and USI-SUPSI families. Depending on the availability of places, they are also accessible to local families.

In tune with the times, these places represent an important foundation to the educational path, not limited solely to the concept of childcare but accompanying the children, tomorrow’s society, in their development, growth and psychophysical well-being.

The experience of the Day Nursery is adapted to the specific needs of all SUPSInido and USI SUPSInido centres and their young members, with corresponding educational principles and pedagogical foundations. Each site has a head teacher and an educational team, as well as trainee educational staff (apprentices and interns) and auxiliary staff (kitchen help). The service provides pedagogical and administrative supervision of all the centres.


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