Head: Thomas Tommasini
Since 2001, the Service has provided support in the operational management of SUPSI's Quality Assurance System and the related institutional accreditation procedure, as well as offering certification services for management systems and training activities.

Since 2016, the Service has been accredited by SAS (Swiss Accreditation Service) in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021-1.

Activities addressed within the School
The Service operates as a support for SUPSI Management and the units in the development of quality-related activities, in particular the operational management of the Quality Assurance System (QAS), providing support in the definition of process improvement aspects on the basis of PDCA and its model, in external process evaluations and in the management and monitoring of QAS documents, indicators and measures.
The Service represents the SUPSI Management in the Quality and Accreditation Commission of the Chamber of universities of applied sciences and arts (UAS) within Swissuniversities and the quality development work coordinated between the Swiss universities of applied sciences and arts.

Local and national activities
The Service operates in Switzerland offering institutions and organisations audits and certification of management systems (according to eduQua, ISO 9001, Directive 3) in the EA36 (public administration) and EA37 (education) sectors. The Service also provides training activities within the scope of its competencies.

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