Human Resources

Head: Patricia Girolmetti
Human Resources
The mission is to provide quality services in the management of the activities of the professional life cycle of our employees, and to manage data, procedures and other information necessary to ensure compliance with legal provisions on employment relations.

Within its activities, the Service also interfaces with various offices of cantonal and federal public institutions. It seeks the maximum possible harmonization of the workflow processes between the Departments with the aim of creating streamlined procedures. The Human Resources Service also supports the SUPSI Management in the development of projects for the implementation of the personnel policy decided by the latter.

Human Resources:

  • ensures correct management of human resources, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • meets the needs of staff in a prompt and professional manner;
  • ensures the interaction and integration between the Departmental representative and Liaison officer;
  • guarantees an effective service to the SUPSI Management, through consultancy and the provision of reliable data and indicators that serve as a governance and institutional management tool;
  • defines the fundamental digital processes at the service of employees and managers, with the aim of facilitating and streamlining administrative processes.