General Secretariat

Head: Pamela Valeggia
General Secretariat
The General Secretariat provides support services for the entire institution, in particular for the SUPSI Board and the SUPSI Direction, with a role of coordination of activities and control of work flows, information and data. It also acts as an interface in relations between the offices of the relative cantonal and federal institutions within the university environment.

In collaboration with the other shared central services, it coordinates strategic planning initiatives and the development of indicators aimed at institutional monitoring.
It is structured in several complementary areas: Secretary's office, Internal Communication, Insurance Desk, Governance Support, Monitoring and Institutional Projects Office, Legal Service and International Office.

The main results ensured through its work are:

  • guaranteeing the function of interaction between the various departments and affiliated schools;
  • operational support in the development of projects for the benefit of the whole institution;
  • coordination of work on updating and monitoring institutional strategy and coordinated management of institutional indicators;
  • service orientation and proactivity in handling requests and transmission of information by the main offices of the cantonal and national institutions of the Swiss university environment.