Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer Service

Head: Prof. Emanuele Carpanzano
Director of Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer
Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer Service
The Service is the transversal support structure for the whole of SUPSI, able to provide assistance and promote the various financing instruments present at local, national and at European - international level. In particular, it supports researchers in the drafting of funding applications for both formal and content aspects by providing individual support.

Specialist advice to researchers is provided by the presence of a contact person from Euresearch (for European research and innovation programmes) and the promotion of opportunities from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Innosuisse (Swiss Agency for the Promotion of Innovation) and Eurostars (European programme for international cooperation with industry in R&D).

Its role is to assist the various bodies of SUPSI in the development of the research strategy and to monitor the application of the quality assurance system within SUPSI research.
To promote the implementation of Open Science in SUPSI, the service coordinates activities in accordance with the national strategy for Open Access and Open Science.

In addition, the Service pays particular attention to ensure that aspects of sustainability are considered in all phases of the project life cycle (design, planning, development and enhancement), taking into account the specific local characteristics.

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