Student life Service

Head: Enrico Rossi
Student life Service
The SL Service is based on the central role of the student and his needs and organizes and coordinates strategic activities and administrative services dedicated to the accompaniment, planning and development of training and professional career before, during and after university studies.

It promotes the participation and involvement in university life with particular attention to aspects related to extra-curricular experiential learning, the sense of belonging to the institution and the cohesion of the student community.
Through this cyclical and integrated approach, every student will have the opportunity to get to know and actively participate in university life and gain a valuable complete experience for career planning.

The SL Service, in carrying out its mission, ensures:

  • the accompaniment, professional and personal career planning and support - of active participation in the study and working environments of students and alumni over a lifetime (life-long learning);
  • the promotion of participation and involvement in university life (campus life) during and after university studies, with the aim of fostering a sense of belonging and cohesion in the student community (SUPSI students and Alumni);
  • the proper processing, issue and management of administrative documents related to the student's educational career;
  • the management of processes and monitoring activities related to the indicators on the life cycle of the students;
  • the correct information on study courses.
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