Areas of applications

IDSIA is active in technology transfer and it has a long tradition of collaboration with the industry and society. Our preferential way of collaboration is either through Innosuisse or EU funded projects, but we also support framework agreements for research collaboration with various companies.

While Innosuisse projects have been traditionally a strong component of our strategy to apporach companies, IDSIA has been successful in acquiring competitive projects also at the European level, with both direct funding by the European Commission or through the State Secretariat for Education, Reserch and Innovation (SERI).

The principal application areas of IDSIA are:

  • AI for industry
  • AI for health
  • AI for Energy and Environment

AI for Industry

IDSIA has been particularly active in the past years in the development of applied research for industry. This application area will continue to represent a major share of IDSIA applied research in the next years. The development of robust and dependable AI algorithms are a fundamental asset for this area. 

AI in Health and Life Sciences

AI in health and life sciences is a sector where IDSIA has made some significative advances, such as the first application of deep neural networks in the classification of tumoral tissues, but it has large margins of growth thanks to the collaborations with the new Faculty of Biomedicine, the IRB and the IOR institutes, and the new MeDiTech institute of SUPSI.

AI for Energy and Environment

Previous and current research at IDSIA has developed solutions for the efficient management of energy resources, but also of natural resources. The mix of OR and AI provides opportunities to make a significative impact on the delivery of efficient systems to guarantee and support the energy transition. Moreover IDSIA is active in the use of AI and remote sensing in agriculture and the use of IoT solutions, combined with AI algorithms, for precision agriculture. The demand of AI-enhanced solutions to tackle the global issues of sustainability is expected to increase, and IDSIA aims to increase its commitment, also taking good care of the dilemma created by the ever-increasing energy demand required by the most advanced AI algorithms.