Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence at USI

According to Computer World (2009), expertise in Machine Learning (ML) is the top skill sought by IT employers. And of course, ML is an essential ingredient of our IS specialisation. Today ML is everywhere: search engines use it to improve answers to queries, email programs use it to filter spam, banks use it to predict exchange rates and stock markets, doctors use it to recognize tumors, robots use it to localize themselves and obstacles, video games use it to enhance the player's experience, adaptive telescopes use it to improve image quality, smartphones use it to recognize objects / faces / gestures / voices / music, etc etc... After the first few lectures of the basic IS course on ML, IS master students will already know how to train self-learning artificial neural networks to recognize the images and handwritings to the right better than any other known method - students will rapidly gain familiarity with state-of-the-art algorithms developed at IDSIA and other AI labs.