Chris Schwiegelshohn: On the Local Structure of Stable Clustering Instances
08 February 2018
Room 222 - Galleria 1 @12:00
As an optimization problem, clustering exhibits a striking
phenomenon: It is generally regarded as easy in practice, while theory
classifies it among the computationally intractable problems. To address
this dichotomy, research has identified a number of conditions a data set
must satisfy for a clustering to be (1) easily computable and (2)

In this talk we show that all previously proposed notions of struturedness
of a data set are fundamentally local properties, i.e. the global optimum
is in well defined sense close to a local optimum. As a corollary, this
implies that the Local Search heuristic has strong performance guarantees
for both the tasks of recovering the underlying optimal clustering and
obtaining a clustering of small cost.

The speaker

Chris Schwiegelshohn is currently a post-doc in Sapienza, University of Rome. He did his Phd in Dortmund with a thesis on "Algorithms for Large-Scale Graph and Clustering Problems". Chris' research interests include streaming and approximation algorithms as well as machine


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