Manuela Fischer: The Locality of Maximal Matching
07 March 2018 - 07 March 2018
Galleria 1 - 2nd floor, room G1-204
Many systems in the world are vast networks consisting of autonomous
nodes that communicate with each other in order to jointly solve a
task. One common feature of these complex networks is that due to
their size it is impossible for an individual node to have a global
view. Instead, nodes have to base their decisions on local information
about nearby nodes only. Despite this intrinsic locality, the network
as a whole is supposed to arrive at a global solution. Understanding
capabilities and limitations of such local algorithms is the key
challenge of distributed graph algorithms. The LOCAL model---the
standard synchronous message-passing model of distributed computing
introduced by Linial in 1987---is designed to abstract the pure
concept of locality.

In this talk, we discuss the maximal matching problem in the LOCAL
model. In particular, we introduce a new rounding technique that leads
to a deterministic O(log^2 Delta log n)-round algorithm on any n-node
graph with maximum degree Delta. This is the first improvement in
almost 20 years over the celebrated O(log^4 n)-round algorithm by
Hanckowiak, Karonski, and Panconesi.

The speaker

Manuela Fischer is a PhD student at ETH Zurich under the supervision of Mohsen Ghaffari. Her research interests include distributed graph algorithms, combinatorics, and stochastic processes.

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