PIDSIA Seminar by Cristina Rottondi: Future Optical Network Design And Management Assisted by Machine Learning
21 March 2018
Galleria 1, 2nd floor, room G1-204
Recently, machine learning methods have started to enter the field of photonics, ranging from quantum mechanics, nanophotonics, optical communication and optical networks.
Though machine learning offers many powerful techniques, linking it to optical communication may not be trivial, due to the inherent peculiarities of optical technologies.
In this talk, we will discuss open challenges and benefits that machine learning methods can bring to optical communications, especially in the field of optical networks design and management.

Speaker's bio

Cristina Rottondi is a researcher at IDSIA. Her research interests include data privacy and security in the Automatic Metering Infrastructure of Smart Grids, optical networks planning, and networked music performance.

Registration is highly recommended

Pizza (or alternative food) and drinks will be offered at the end of the talk. If you plan to attend, please register in a timely fashion at the following link so that we will have no shortage of food.