PIDSIA Seminar by Alessandro Antonucci: PSAT: Algorithms and Applications of Probabilistic Satisfiability.
15 November 2018
Manno, Galleria 1, 2nd floor, room G1-204 @12:h00
We discuss PSAT, a probabilistic extension of the classical satisfiability (SAT) problem. This is achieved by assigning weights to the clauses of a SAT instance. The PSAT instance is satisfiable if and only if a probability mass function over the literals and consistent with the weights exists . We present two algorithms for PSAT based, respectively, on column generation and integer linear programming, both showing evidence of phase transition. PSAT solves inferences in a recently proposed probabilistic logic (CCL, in [Antonucci & Facchini, 2018]). This allows to perform machine learning with logical constraints under relaxed independence assumptions over probabilistic facts. As an application, we consider label ranking and show that existing solvers can be used to solve practical ranking tasks.

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