Fabrizio Grandoni: How to Pack your Rectangles?
21 March 2019 - 21 March 2019
Manno, Galleria 1, 2nd floor, room G1-204 @12h00
Suppose that I give you a square and a collection of rectangles of
different shapes. How many rectangles can you pack into the square (so
that they do not overlap)? This and related problems are NP-hard. In this talk I will present approximation algorithms to efficiently pack a number of rectangles close to the optimum. The talk is meant to be accessible to non-experts.

The speaker

Fabrizio Grandoni is currently a Senior Researcher at IDSIA. Formerly
he was a postdoc at the MPII, at the University of Rome Sapienza, and
at TU Berlin. Before joining IDSIA, he was an Assistant Professor at
the University of Rome Tor Vergata (where he also got his PhD).
Grandoni's research interests focus on algorithms and complexity
theory, and in particular on approximation algorithms.


Registration: Pizza (or alternative food) and drinks will be offered
at the end of the talk.
If you plan to attend, please register in a timely fashion at the
following link so that we will have no shortage of food: