Monaldo Mastrollilli: What is a Groebner Basis?
03 April 2019 - 03 April 2019
Manno, Galleria 1, 2nd floor, room G1-201 @12:00
A Groebner basis is a set of multivariate polynomials that has desirable algorithmic properties.
Every set of polynomials can be transformed into a Groebner basis.
This process generalizes three familiar techniques (and more):
1) Gaussian elimination for solving linear systems of equations,
2) the Euclidean algorithm for computing the greatest common divisor of two univariate polynomials,
3) and the Simplex Algorithm for linear programming.
In this talk I'll give a gentle introduction to Groebner bases.
No prior knowledge is required.

The speaker

Monaldo Mastrolilli is professor at IDSIA. He is broadly interested in combinatorial optimization with special focus on everything that can be applied, at least in theory.


Pizza and drinks will be offered at the end of the talk. If you plan to attend, please register in a timely fashion at the following link so that we will have no shortage of food: