Elia Kaufmann: Learning Agile Flight
17 September 2019 - 17 September 2019
Galleria 1, @12h00
In this talk I will first give a short overview of the research performed at the Robotics and Perception Group. I will present recent research from our lab in the areas of vision-based navigation of micro-aerial vehicles, aggressive flight and machine learning. After this I will focus on autonomous agile flight and present our research on drone racing, where we combined a learned perception system with a classical control pipeline to teach a drone to race through a track. Finally I will describe our current project on autonomous acrobatic flight, explain the challenges that arise when pushing vision-based platforms to aggressive maneuvers and outline our approaches to integrate learning deeper in the control&estimation pipeline.

The speaker

Elia Kaufmann, Robotics and Perception Group (Scaramuzza Lab), University of Zurich.