Cosimo Spera: The Future of Conversational AI: Closing the gap on the Turing test
18 September 2019
Room G1-201, Galleria 1, @12h00
In this talk we are going to highlight some major recent breakthroughs in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and their impact in the definition of conversational models. But instead that talking about “chit-chat” conversation like “Alexa play my favorite Italian song” and the competition for passing the Turing test, we will focus on the automation of the conversations in the context of contact centers and we will address specifically the need to define “goal oriented or intent driven” conversational models. The ultimate objective is to identify what is needed to create personalized conversation in a framework where Artificial Intelligence meets Human Interactions.

The speaker

Cosimo Spera, Ph.D, VP of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is responsible for leading Uniphore’s data sciences vision and the development of its new generation conversational AI solutions. Prior to joining Uniphore, Cosimo was Chief Data Scientist at, where he led the development of Conversational AI models. Cosimo has held executive positions at SaltGrid, where he was responsible for leading the data sciences team and building state of the art predictive models for health and safety, Innotas, DevisionView (IQVIA) and Zephyr Health among others. Cosimo is recognized worldwide in the applied mathematics community, having published over forty peer-reviewed papers and having held earlier in his career tenured academic positions at University of Siena, University of Michigan and University of California at Berkeley.


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