Jobst Landgrebe and Barry Smith: Ontology-Driven Automotive Repair Claims Management
11 April 2019
Manno, Galleria 1, 2nd floor, room G1-201 @12:00
We are experiencing once again a period of enthusiasm in the AI research field, fired above all by the successes of the technology of deep neural networks or deep machine learning. In this talk we draw attention to what we take to be serious problems underlying current views of artificial intelligence encouraged by these successes, especially in the domain of language processing. We then show an alternative approach to language-centric AI, and illustrate this approach in relation to a specific example in the field of claims management.

The speakers

- Jobst Landgrebe is owner and managing director of Cognotekt GmbH, a German company specializing in AI-based language processing applications
- Barry Smith is Director of the (US) National Center for Ontological Research in Buffalo, NY and author of Building Ontologies with Basic Formal Ontology (MIT Press, 2015)


Pizza and drinks will be offered at the end of the talk. If you plan to attend, please register in a timely fashion at the following link so that we will have no shortage of food: