CSF workshop at Monte Verità
01 June 2022 - 04 June 2022
Congressi Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Ascona
In memory of the Federal Councillor Stefano Franscini, a native ofTicino, the Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF), hosted at Monte Verità in Ascona, provide a meeting platform for scientific exchange.
Prof. Hormann is organizing an international CSF workshop on the interdisciplinary topic of generalized barycentric coordinates.
From June 1 to June 4, researchers from all over the world will flock to the Monte Verità to discuss the latest discoveries in the theoryof generalized barycentric coordinates and their applications in computer graphics and computational mechanics.

Barycentric coordinates, which were introduced by Möbius in 1827, provide perhaps the most convenient way to linearly interpolate data prescribed at the vertices of an n-dimensional simplex. This kind of barycentric interpolation is widely used in computer graphics for efficiently rendering 3-dimensional scenes, e.g., for computer games and movie effects, and the corresponding basis functions have been adopted as trial and test approximations in finite and boundary element methods for simulating physical effects like heat diffusion or stress propagation.

Starting with the seminal work of Wachspress in 1975, the ideas of barycentric coordinates and barycentric interpolation have been extended in recent years to arbitrary polygons in the plane and general polytopes in higher dimensions, leading to significant advances towards a unified theory of generalized barycentric coordinates as well as the development of applications in computer graphics and computational mechanics.

The advances in the respective fields, however, have mostly evolved independently, and there is a need to have a common forum to draw closer connections between research in computer graphics and computational mechanics, which will aid in advancing the state of the art in both fields.

The main objective of this CSF workshop is to provide greater synergy between the two fields so that a broader class of problems and associated solution strategies can be conceived. Moreover, this workshop will provide a forum for the novice as well as the expert to get acquainted with the latest research results and the potential use of generalized barycentric coordinates in different areas of science and engineering, such as energy, defense, manufacturing, and also the entertainment industry.

This CSF workshop  is the natural continuation of the efforts of Prof. Hormann and Prof. Sukumar from the University of California at Davis in fostering the interchange of researchers
from computer graphics and computational mechanics on this exciting research topic. The first step in this direction was an NSF-funded workshop in New York in 2012. The second step was the compilation of the book “Generalized Barycentric Coordinates in Computer Graphics and Computational Mechanics”  in 2017, which summarizes the state of the art at that time.
The third was the collection of latest research results as a special issue of the journal “Computer Aided Geometric Design”  in 2020. We are now looking forward to the fourth step,
which will feature 6 invited keynote lectures, 7 invited and 9 contributed presentations, as well as ample time for discussions among the participants.