Lumi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale
Lumi su IA (en. tr. Lights on AI) is a series of (currently online) lectures promoted by IDSIA USI-SUPSI and co-organised by Alessandro Facchini (IDSIA) and Alberto Termine (U. Milano). By regularly inviting speakers not only from the AI community but also from humanities and social sciences, it aims at promoting a multi-disicplinary perspective and dialogue on some of the most pressing foundational, epistemological and ethical issues surrounding contemporary Artificial Intelligence.

The latest [Lumi] talks

30 March 2022

Understanding mental illnesses requires looking at a variety of different factors contributing to the development, persistence, and treatment of mental illness. That is, scientists must take into account the role of, e.g., behavioral, psychological, neurophysiological, genetic, pharmacological and environmental influences on psychopathology. To integrate real-world data regarding such varied factors, complex computational models have been raising high hopes. In this talk, I shall examine the vices and virtues of recent multiplex approaches for grasping psychopathology.

2 December 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the human brain are profoundly different cognitive systems. Nevertheless, they can interact with each other dynamically. One such way of interaction concerns the possibility of using AI to enhance human cognition. This approach, known as 'augmented intelligence', raises important ethical issues. These include implications for agency, autonomy and moral responsibility, and the moral permissibility of cognitive enhancement. This talk will offer an overview and critical analysis of the ethical implications of augmented intelligence and human-computer interaction.