Lumi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale
Lumi su IA (en. tr. Lights on AI) is a series of (currently online) lectures promoted by IDSIA USI-SUPSI and co-organised by Alessandro Facchini (IDSIA) and Alberto Termine (U. Milano). By regularly inviting speakers not only from the AI community but also from humanities and social sciences, it aims at promoting a multi-disicplinary perspective and dialogue on some of the most pressing foundational, epistemological and ethical issues surrounding contemporary Artificial Intelligence.

The latest [Lumi] talks

AI is growing to play an increasingly important role in the decision environments of human agents. One of the key challenges here is AI influence - an aspect that seems largely unaddressed in current debates around AI Ethics. In this talk, I aim to shed some light on the notion of AI influence and the problems that surround it. In the first part of this talk, I will outline what exactly I mean by AI influence. For this, I will introduce what I call the objectivity-fallacy, and will differentiate between cases of intended and unintended AI influence. The second part of this talk will then focus on the ethical implications of unintended AI influence. I hope to emphasise an important change in the power dynamics in human-AI interaction, and will outline how unintended AI influence changes the roles and thereto related responsibilities in human-AI interaction.