5 June 2020

Directeur scientifique de l’Institut Dalle Molle à Lugano, celui qu’on appelle parfois le «parrain de l’IA» est à l’origine d’applications utilisées des milliards de fois chaque jour, telles la reconnaissance vocale et la traduction automatique

15 April 2020

The paper "Temporal Embeddings and Transformer Models for Narrative" authored by Vani Kanjirangat, Simone Mellace and Alessandro Antonucci, all of them from IDSIA, received the best paper award at the Third International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Texts Proceedings ( This work presents a novel deep learning approach to narrative text understanding based on dynamic trajectories modelling the relations between characters in novels and short stories.

8 April 2020

IDSIA's Alessandro Facchini presents in this video the new Bachelor in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to prospective students (in Italian)

1 April 2020

USI and SUPSI, aware of the growing importance of artificial intelligence and related research fields, have renewed the framework agreement for the support and development of the joint Institute IDSIA. The Institute has been operating in Ticino for 30 years and is recognised in Switzerland and internationally for its scientific expertise and the many achievements and awards received by its researchers.