The Swiss Studies Foundation visits IDSIA
27 October 2020
On Friday 23 October 2020 a delegation from the Swiss Studies Foundation visited the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence USI-SUPSI as part of the initiative "Univers Suisse: Ticino open to the world".

The visit, organised by Alessio Mina and Vanessa Piccolo, students of mechanical engineering and mathematics at the ETH Zurich, concerned the IDSIA USI-SUPSI headquarters and in particular the laboratory of Autonomous Robotics.

Through the "Univers Suisse: Ticino open to the world" programme, for which Raphael Meyer is responsible, the Swiss Studies Foundation aims to promote the Canton's centres of excellence in order to relaunch new international centres of attraction in addition to the classic innovation and business destinations in Switzerland, such as Zurich or Geneva. IDSIA USI-SUPSI has therefore been chosen as one of the most important centres for artificial intelligence research worldwide.

During the meeting, Alessandro Giusti (Senior Researcher at IDSIA) presented a summary of research in the field of machine learning and autonomous robotics, while PhD student Dario Mantegazza showed some demos of voluntary robotics activities.

The Swiss Studies Foundation also supports students with broad social interests through scholarships and initiatives that can help young people to take responsibility in all areas.