SATW SwissTecLadies @ IDSIA!
01 March 2023
As part of the Swiss TecLadies mentoring project sponsored by SATW, the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, IDSIA researchers welcomed some project participants, mostly 2nd graders, particularly interested in the topic of Artificial Intelligence, along with their mentors.

Sandra Mitrović introduced the institute by describing the main areas in which IDSIA conducts its projects, and she also discussed the impact of AI on everyday life. Then our guests could hear some testimonials from IDSIA researchers about its scientific paths and what excites them in their work.

Francesca Mangili talked about her path from nuclear physics to artificial intelligence, described her typical workday (or rather, she tried, given so much variability between teaching, application projects and research ones), and talked about some of her current projects, among which Digicities  attracted the most attention (

Daniele Malpetti talked about why he likes science and he also introduced one of his current projects related to the use of antibiotics, while Maria Camila Alvarez Triviño pointed out that she was one of the very few girls during her studies, but also how much she enjoys working on the different projects in IDSIA and at the same time taking advantage of the beautiful nature of Ticino for her outdoor hobbies.

Giorgia Adorni, PhD student at IDSIA, on the other hand, talked about her "unusual" path in that she had not studied a scientific high school and explained why she enjoys research on educational robots and computational thinking, and also about the importance of following one's dreams despite what others say.

Finally Tatiana Adele D'Onofrio presented her work on tracking and identifying athletes using videos in a running race, and in addition to the methods she used in this work, she also explained the challenges she encountered during the course of the project.