8. Swiss Microbial Ecology Meeting SME 2023
18 January 2023 - 20 January 2023
Campus DACD-SUPSI, Mendrisio
The 8. Swiss Microbial Ecology meeting SME 2023 will take place in Mendrisio, Switzerland from Wednesday 18. to Friday 20. January 2023.
""Better late than never".
The picture represents the Piora valley, which, with its peat bog, the meromictic Lake Cadagno and its unique geology, is a magnificent place for the study of microbial ecology, thanks also to the laboratories of the Foundation Alpine Biology Center (CBA).

The scientific committee is pleased to invite you to join the 8th Swiss Microbial Ecology meeting SME 2023 that will take place in Mendrisio, Switzerland from Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th January 2023. Finally, after more than 2 years marked by lockdowns and online meetings, we can hold a congress in the old way, that is, in person. Hence the new motto "Better late than never" which complements the precedent one designed for 2021 "The sun always shines brightest after the storm(id-19)" complementing each other.

We have confirmed the scientific program already proposed in 2021 that covers the world of microbial ecology in a 360-degree way thanks mainly to our team of invited speakers.

The meeting will start approaching the human sphere, we will deal with issues related to biotechnology and microbiology of the built environment as well as the problem of the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the environment. It will continue with the terrestrial environment developing the scope of interactions and symbiosis between roots and organisms of the rhizosphere, as well as the role of hidden ascomycetes. In conclusion, we will immerse in the aquatic environment and in particular with photosynthetic microorganisms, the ecology of unicellular fungi and micro-eukaryotic biodiversity. However, next to these interesting topics the most important thing is your participation with oral presentations and posters that will make the SME 2023 just perfect.

The meeting is dedicated especially to young scientists, such as PhD students and early post-docs, by offering them an opportunity to present their work in a friendly environment and to develop networking with research scientists. For this reason, we have planned a “roundtable session” in which young researchers will meet senior scientists asking questions, and the registration fees for PhD students are kept as low as possible.

We hope to welcome you next year in Ticino (Mendrisio),


The organizers

Nicola Storelli and Mauro Tonolla


The scientific committee

Nicola Storelli, Cristina Corti-Fragoso, Federica Mauri, Andreas Bruder, Pamela Principi, Xavier Perret and Mauro Tonolla, from SUPSI and UNIGE;

Laure Weisskopf from UNIFRI.

Online registration (deadline December 23, 2022 --> Jannuary 9, 2023):

Registration LINK

Registration fees:
Early (until 25 November 2022):
150.- CHF PhD/MSc Students
300.- CHF Scientists

Late (after 25 November 2022):
150.- CHF PhD/MSc Students
400.- CHF Scientists

Informations and contacts

Image Informations and contacts

Via Flora-Ruchat Runcati 15
CH-6850 Mendrisio




Dr. Nicola Storelli
Via Flora-Ruchat Runcati 15
CH-6850 Mendrisio
T +41 (0)58 666 62 68

Hotel Coronado

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Hotel Milano

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The language of the congress is English.

Credit points on demand to the SSM.

Sponsors SME23

Image Sponsors SME23
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Institutional partners

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