Andreas Bruder
I’m a stream ecologist with a focus on functional biodiversity and ecosystem processes. I mainly use detritus-based food webs of streams to study how these elements of ecosystems are interlinked and modified by anthropogenic change. I’ve recently plunged into the wonderful world of aquatic hyphomycetes, a diverse group of freshwater saprotrophic fungi. I use knowledge gained from these studies in collaborative projects with stakeholders, for instance to develop functional bioindicators or knowledge on understudied organism groups.


I'm group leader of the Stream Ecology Group at SUPSIs Insitute of Microbiology. See the groups webpage for info on current and past projects, on open positions, and on the group members and follow me on Twitter to stay updated.

For an overview on my background see my short CV. For a summary of my scientific output see the summary figures below and my profiles on Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and Publons.


Image Teaching

University of Geneva and University of Zürich: I’m responsible for the block course on “Molecular Microbial Ecology” (UNIGE 14B026 and UZH BIO307, see detailed description here) held every year during a week in august at the field station of the Centre for Alpine Biology in the Val Piora. The course provides an introduction to the taxonomy of aquatic hyphomycetes and benthic diatoms of alpine streams. The focus is on practical work (sampling, sample preparation, microscopy) but background knowledge on both organism groups is provided by seminars. The course is taught by an international team of scientists and is open to students from Swiss and international universities.

Zürich University of Applied Sciences and Arts (ZHAW): I teach in the module on “Freshwater Ecology and Restoration” in the curriculum on Environmental Management. In two lectures, I introduce the students to the food-web perspective in applied freshwater ecology and management.

University of Minho, Braga, Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology (UMB-CBMA): I teach in the advanced course on "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning and Services under Global Change". I introduce the students to concepts and case studies of multiple stressor effects on stream biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.




Image Outreach

I’m Co-Chair of the Freshwater Biodiversity Observation Network (FWBON), a part of GEOBON. FWBON is a global initiative to coordinate activities for assessment and monitoring of freshwater biodiversity and to develop the underlying methodologies and data structure. Current activities of FWBON focus on harmonization of macroinvertebrate and fish datasets and on adding the freshwater perspective to the development of Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs).


I'm also Co-Chair on the newly formed IUCN SSC Task Force on the Global Freshwater Macroinvertebrate Sampling Protocols. The goal is to harmonize freshwater macroinvertebrate sampling protocols across countries and continents to improve datasets used to analyse spatial and temporal trends in species distributions and population sizes.


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