Microbial ecology (ECOMIC)
Microbial ecology (ECOMIC)

Nicola Storelli (PhD)
Environmental microbiology deals with the microbial diversity in different ecosystems and their effect on the environment. It includes the study of biogeochemical cycles, biodiversity, the use of micro-organisms in bioremediation processes and microbial ecology, which investigates micro-organisms and the interactions between them and their specific environments.
We are particularly interested in aquatic ecosystems in which microorganisms have a decisive influence on the recycling of substances or represent unwanted micropollutants with possible important health implications.
We provide the scientific support of the Centro Biologia Alpina (CBA) of Piora for activities related to environmental microbiology. In addition, the Microbiology Group of the Microbiology Unit of the University of Geneva is integrated into the LMA, allowing us to carry out master's and/or doctoral theses in microbiology, to organise theoretical and practical courses in collaboration with university institutes and cantonal and national schools, promoting academic and research synergies.