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Japanese-Swiss Workshop: Service Life Assessment of Concrete Structures
18 ottobre 2018
SUPSI, Dipartimento ambiente costruzioni e design, Aula Magna
Service life management of concrete structures assumes the development and application of a reliable system to assess the actual state of the concrete. The evaluation of the service life enables the improvement of the maintenance and rehabilitation plans. The objective of this Workshop is to cross-breed the experiences gathered in both countries and disseminate the results of these experiences among the interested professionals coming from both academic and practitioners’ worlds.

Common research interests have been found between SUPSI and Japanese academic (Univ. Hiroshima) and engineering (NEXCO) organizations. Finding alternative methods to make the service life assessmentof structures exposed to risk of chloride- and carbonation-induced corrosion, simpler, more comprehensive and less costly is a common concern.
Japan and Switzerland are at the forefront of applying non-destructive tests to assess, on site, the resistance of the cover concrete to the penetration of aggressive species.

For subscription: www.supsi.ch/go/concrete, until 2018.10.11


  • 08:30 Welcome
  • 08:45 K. Nakarai: “Situation in Japan regarding quality assurance and monitoring of concrete structures against steel corrosion - NEXCO / Univ. Hiroshima experience”
  • 09:15 H. Kato: “Quality assurance and monitoring of highway concrete structures against steel corrosion, NEXCO experience”
  • 09:45 R. Torrent: “Durable concrete structures according to Swiss Standards – an overview
  • 10:15 Coffee Break
  • 10:45 T. Teruzzi, “Probabilistic approach for ND assessment of carbonation-induced corrosion initiation in existing structures”
  • 11:15 L. Coppola: “A holistic approach to prevent premature failure of reinforced concrete structures exposed to chloride- and carbonation-induced corrosion”
  • 11:45 A. Jornet: “Concrete microscopy, a powerful diagnosis tool”
  • 12:15 General Discussion
  • 12:45 End of the Workshop