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SUPSI is following with concern and attention the development of events in Ukraine, which have a profound effect on its own academic community.
Solidarity with Ukraine
Cooperation is based on inter-institutional agreements between international institutions holding an Erasmus charter. The agreements establish the principle of cooperation and must be signed before the start of mobility. Their duration may vary from one to several years. Our office is responsible for underwriting these agreements.
Academic network
Some useful bureaucratic information regarding passports and visas, residence permit and family reunification.
Bureaucratic information
SUPSI promotes exchange mobility to enable today's young people, teachers and collaborators to stay competitive and meet the increasingly diverse needs of different professional contexts and is a key tool for acquiring skills both academically and personally.
Exchange in numbers
Travel opens the mind, we know that. The comparison to other cultures, traditions and ways of life, it gives a new look to oneself that helps to get to know ourselves better, to grow and enrich infinitely, so precious opportunities for those who welcome them.
Living in Ticino
The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) offers the opportunity for its guests and collaborators to benefit from signed conventions with several hotel structures in the area.
Hotels agreements
Carrying out a semester of mobility and arriving in a new country certainly brings many benefits, but at the same time it can create some difficulties. For this reason, since the beginning of this semester, the SUPSI International Office and the SUPSI Students Association have been promoting the Buddy System.  
The initiative consists of recruiting and selecting SUPSI students interested in becoming Buddies for international students who are on mobility for a semester or longer period at our university.
Buddy Program
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