Buddy System
Buddy System
Carrying out a semester of mobility and arriving in a new country certainly brings many benefits, but at the same time it can create some difficulties. For this reason, since the beginning of this semester, the SUPSI International Office and the SUPSI Students Association have been promoting the Buddy System.  
The initiative consists of recruiting and selecting SUPSI students interested in becoming Buddies for international students who are on mobility for a semester or longer period at our university.

Buddy System

What's a Buddy really about?
The Buddy is a university student, also called a tutor student, who usually helps the international student on arrival at the host university for daily, university and social matters.  The program is focused especially during the beginning of the semester, when students arrive in a new university environment. 
In addition, the program provides the opportunity to participate in a variety of social activities, such as playing sports, attending parties, organising short trips, or simply having a coffee with other students.

Before the start of the semester, SUPSI's International Office opens the invitation to apply for the selection of future buddies.  The international Office will be responsible for partnering each mobility student at our university with a SUPSI student. They are selected mainly on the basis of the department they attend, the language skills they possess and the mobility experiences they have had in the past. 

ESN Lugano

Erasmus Student Network Lugano is the largest Erasmus student community in Europe.  They have several objectives and one of those is the promotion of the Buddy System. For this reason, since the beginning of 2018, SUPSI International Office has been working with ESN Lugano to offer mobility students various extra-curricular activities, such as sports outings, aperitifs, Language Cafes, parties, etc.
They are always looking for new students to join their association !  

Further information

For any further information or clarification please contact the SUPSI International Office: international@supsi.ch