Bureaucratic information
Bureaucratic information
Some useful bureaucratic information regarding passports and visas, residence permit and family reunification.

Passports and Visas

To enter the country, foreign students must possess a valid travel document that is recognised by Switzerland. A visa will also be required in some cases.
The conditions for entering the country vary in accordance with the purpose (e.g.: tourism, visit, gainful employment, family reunification or study), and with the duration of stay (long or short term).
The Secretary of State for migration recommends that these conditions be clarified before coming to Switzerland. 

For information regarding visas, residence and work permits, please contact the Swiss Consulate General in your country of residence, or consult the following page of the Federal Migration Office website: www.sem.admin.ch/sem/en/home

Stay and resident permit

Anyone who stays in Switzerland for longer than three months, or who undertakes gainful employment during their stay, must have a permit issued by the appropriate cantonal authorities for foreigners. There are various types of permit: short term (less than one year), permit of abode (limited duration) and domicile permit (indefinite duration).

In order to stay in Switzerland, foreign students and staff must apply for a permit of abode/residence, and register with the Municipal Inhabitants Control Office.
All foreign students must report to the regional foreigners office of the city in which they wish to live, and apply for the appropriate residence permit, depending on the typology of their stay.  

For further information, please consult: www.ti.ch/popolazione

On the other hand, students who live in Italy and who intend to return home each day are no longer required to obtain the certificate for foreigners residing abroad with daily return home.

A study permit does not entitle the holder to have any gainful employment. Anyone attending a training programme or specialist course at a Swiss university or university of applied sciences and arts in Switzerland may be authorised to conduct an accessory activity, provided the Board of the academic institution certifies that this activity is compatible with the teaching programme and will not lengthen the study duration. Moreover, this planned working activity must adhere to federal and cantonal directives, taking into consideration the specific requirements of the permit already obtained.

The Student Life and Career Service, in collaboration with the SUPSI International Office, provides students from other countries (extra-EU/AELS) with support and assistance in the application procedure for a residence permit for study purposes, in line with federal immigration provisions.

Family reunification

Foreigners living in Switzerland may apply for family reunification for their spouse, and for unmarried children aged under 18, provided specific conditions are met (e.g.: availability of suitable housing, sufficient income, etc.).  

For further information, please contact:

Migration Office
Via Lugano 4 / CP2170
6501 Bellinzona
tel. +41 91 814 55 00