FAQ (Frequently asked questions), namely the most popular recurring questions by users. Here you can find a list of questions with the most frequent answers that are provided to interested parties.

For those who are interested in a mobility period, we suggest to you participate in the informative event organised by the mobility contact in that department. In the event that you can’t participate, please contact the relevant mobility department representative directly.

Agreements with the universities may be stipulated whether there is a request and interest on the part of both parties concerned. If you are interested in a specific university, please contact your mobility department's representative.

There is the possibility to request additional funds by filling out a specific request. For further information, please contact your mobility department's representative.

The student who has the European Health Insurance card or who is in possession of a valid cover of insurance abroad may be exempted from taking out additional health-accident insurance.
For more information, please read the details on our insurance page.

In order to be able to carry out a mobility period it is necessary that between SUPSI and a university there is an agreement stipulated: if the student identifies a university with which SUPSI does not cooperate for national mobility, they may propose to the departmental representative to verify within the degree course the potential partner. The degree course will verify the opportunity to enter into a possible new agreement and the compatibility of the courses.

Usually in the open competition (BANDO DI CONCORSO) two destinations are indicated; in any case we try to understand the motivation of the negative answer. We then send the nomination to the second partner university.