Exchange in numbers
Exchange in numbers
SUPSI promotes exchange mobility to enable today's young people, teachers and collaborators to stay competitive and meet the increasingly diverse needs of different professional contexts and is a key tool for acquiring skills both academically and personally.

Students mobility

Every year, around 200 SUPSI students, lecturers and employees who have spent a period outside Ticino, in other Swiss cantons and abroad, at partner universities and institutions, are involved in mobility.
About one hundred are the mobility of students who spend a period abroad each year.
Thanks to the SEMP's programme (Swiss-European Mobility Programme) many students spend a semester at a European partner university or at an institution doing an internship. The most popular destinations are generally Spain, Italy and Germany.

Many students from the health and social work area decide each year to participate in an international cooperation project by doing an internship in NGOs and local structures in South America, Africa, Philippines and India.

The Department for Environment Construction and Design organizes every year workshops in Ethiopia and China, involving young people who can carry out a theoretical and practical study for an average period of 2 weeks.

Thanks to the China Module offered within the Master of Science in Engineering, every year students of this degree course leave for China to visit local companies.

The Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Restoration (Bachelor and Master) offers, thanks to privileged contacts, the possibility for students and graduates to carry out internships abroad. Internship abroad are also offered to students in the health area.

As part of various projects related to mobility and internationality, SUPSI welcomes over 60 people every year through mobility programmes and agreements, including students, teachers and collaborators, many of whom come from European universities and partners.

The Master of Arts in Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD) allows to host every year about ten students from German, Turkish and Indian universities.

Moreover, every year, thanks to the Reteca Foundation, SUPSI hosts 4 young engineers from South America.


Staff and teachers mobility

The Swiss-European Mobility Programme is the programme most frequently used by SUPSI employees to carry out a period of training or teaching outside our institution.

However, we also have employees who are mobile outside of Europe by participating in institutional trips and workshops.