Mobility 2019

The 2019 Activity Report changes to a newspaper format!

Image The 2019 Activity Report changes to a newspaper format!

This year the International Office is pleased to present the 2019 Activity Report in a more comprehensive, attractive and user-friendly format. This format aims to present all the activities carried out in 2019 with students and staff on national and international mobility as well as cooperation programmes. It also describes the work carried out by the office to present and promote SUPSI at national and international level by creating and consolidating collaboration and partnership agreements with other training institutions. The 2019 Activity Report can be found in pdf format in the next column or simply by clicking on the following Link.

The number of SUPSI students involved in internships in developing countries is growing.

Image The number of SUPSI students involved in internships in developing countries is growing.

What are our students' favourite destinations for internships?

Elaborated by departmental managers, the following map represents all the destinations selected over the years. You can find it on the SUPSI Competence Centre's web pages Cooperation and Development.

Student mobility

Outgoing mobility

In 2019 175 mobility programs for study, internships and participation in workshops outside Ticino and abroad were carried out.  As many as 45 mobility programs were carried out in the context of the SEMP programme: the most popular destinations were Italy and Spain. Participation in various workshops in China, Ethiopia and the China module offered by the MSE was also very high, with a total of 37 students involved. Finally, there are many internships fulfilled outside the SEMP programme and we had some Swiss mobility.

Incoming mobility

64 foreign students decided to spend a mobility period at SUPSI in 2019.
Many students come from Italian universities (27 out of 64). The DACD is the department that welcomes the majority of foreign students, also thanks to the participation in the IMIAD, which every year welcomes 9 students. The Bachelor in Architecture also hosts the Sino-Swiss Workshop with about ten students from China every year. While for semester mobility, it is the three degree courses in the healthcare area that welcome the majority of students from abroad.

More detailed information are found in the Activity report.

Academics and staff mobility

Outgoing mobility

In 2019, there were 46 SUPSI staff mobility placements.
Most choose to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the SEMP mobility programme, especially for education reasons (a total of 24). Mobility for teaching purposes is also appreciated, and as many as 18 teachers chose this possibility. While 5 members of staff went abroad to participate in a workshop with their students (Sino-Swiss Workshop, Workshop Africa and MSE China Module).
Many mobility placements were carried out in neighbouring Italy, while 32 out of 46 took place in 13 different countries.

Incoming mobility

There were 14 collaborators from other universities or organisations who came to SUPSI to teach or train. The DACD is the department that hosted the majority of staff mobility placements in 2019. Thanks to the Sino-Swiss Architecture Workshop, 3 Chinese teachers were our guests for a week.
On the other hand, there was a decrease in incoming mobility placements (from 36 to 14), due to the fact that last year we organised Staff Days which welcomed 16 colleagues from different European universities.
As for outgoing mobility, 43% of our guests came from Italy. This is undoubtedly because we share the same language, which facilitates exchanges and collaboration.

More detailed information in the Activity Report.