Mobility 2020

COVID-19 and global lockdowns touched all sectors and affected every type of activity. In compliance with all the regulations for the containment of the virus, a number of exchanges continued, as did other activities related to the pandemic emergency. The situation clearly redefined the priorities of the service, which nevertheless managed to continue running projects wherever possible. The conditions led to the implementation of new solutions to continue with the activities and, at national and international mobility level, to faster responses and greater flexibility in the exchange arrangements, such as the introduction of online meetings with foreign students and mobility in "blended" format.

Student mobility

Global pandemic affected the number of both outgoing and incoming mobilities, resulting in a decrease in numbers compared to 2019: 175 outgoing students in 2019 compared to 51 in 2020, 64 incoming students in 2019 compared to 53 in 2020.

In compliance with the social distancing directives and the regulations issued by the Federal Council, SUPSI was nevertheless able to continue hosting and sending mobile students, also thanks to the network established in recent years with its partners, to new forms of mobility and to the enormous efforts made by everyone to avoid affecting students in particular.

As far as outgoing mobility requests are concerned, there was an increase in requests in 2020, allowing us to have a good number of students doing an internship or study period outside Ticino. Around 50 students were able to go on mobility (most of them internships) while about 40 withdrew for personal reasons or for reasons related to the pandemic. Of those who left, most did so to pursue a mobility for internship purposes, either in Switzerland or in Europe.

Far fewer went on SEMP mobility for study purposes compared to the previous year, mainly to avoid spending the semester taking online courses. The large loss of outbound mobility mainly concerned international mobility, and was mainly due to the cancellation of international workshops and study trips, as well as DEASS International Cooperation internships.

As far as incoming mobility is concerned, the number of students interested in carrying out a period of mobility at SUPSI was more or less constant. Most of them came thanks to the SEMP programme, either for study or for internship purposes.

Staff Mobility

Every year, around fifty SUPSI employees undertake a period of training or teaching at a partner institution.

In terms of outgoing mobility, there was a good increase in the number of requests for mobility from SUPSI staff, which unfortunately could not be fulfilled.

The request to host staff from partner institutions remained instead stable compared to previous years.

The cancellation of workshops, study tours and staff weeks to and from SUPSI due to the pandemic had a strong influence on the number of mobilities that could be accomplished; many of these projects have been postponed to 2021 / 2022.

Figures and activities

Please refer to the SUPSI 2020 annual report for figures on Mobility demand (document only available in Italian).

The International Office 2020 activity report with an overview of 2020 accomplishments and details on mobility has been published and you can find it under Further information (on the right).

The International Office is gladly available for further information.