Course for professors of the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology organized by SUPSI
03 February 2016
The first edition of the course for professors of the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (SZIIT) organized by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) started on Monday the 11th of January.

During the three weeks of the course, professors were provided with explanations and practical examples on the didactic approach applied at the Department of Innovative Technologies (DTI) of SUPSI, with particular emphasis on topics and subjects of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences. The program was composed not only by theoretical lessons, discussions and practice, but also by visits to several local and international industries.

This module represents a step forward in the cooperation with Chinese institutes and universities in which SUPSI is already at the forefront with the “China module” of the Master of Science in Engineering, the joint study program, the collaboration in research projects, and the exchange program for professors.

The interest for SUPSI courses arises from the willingness to offer a more practical education in Chinese universities and, as a consequence, the need to verify how this aspect is managed by an institute that has an extensive experience in the field.

Already in year 2014, during a professor exchange program with the South China University of Technology, a meeting with the delegate for education of the Chinese embassy in Switzerland showed the interest for the dual track of the Swiss academic system composed by universities and universities of applied sciences and arts. In fact, the Chinese educational structure feels the urge to offer academic perspectives to people who choose vocational education. The organization of this three weeks course shows once more this interest and confirms the choice of SUPSI as an ideal partner for the contact between Chinese and Swiss realities.

The organization of the module saw the collaboration of the staff of the Continuing education of the DTI, the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, and several professors of the DTI. Furthermore, the support of Shi Bodong (Stone) at the Consulate General in Guangzhou was fundamental for the contacts in China.