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Welcome Guide for international minds
14 February 2017
Arriving in a new country always raises many questions about bureaucracy matters and more! The new "SUPSI Welcome guide" has been designed specifically to help foreign faculty members and students, as well as teachers and students on a mobility program, who just arrived in Switzerland, to disentangle offices, forms and new habits.

What should be taken into account now that I’m in a new city? How do I get a permit? And if I get sick? These and many other questions are on the agenda when planning to go to another country to study and work permanently or for a period of mobility. An answer is not always possible before arriving and many things are discovered on site.

"Welcome guide for international minds" stems from a desire to bring together in a single publication general information that can help employees, teachers and students to move in the Swiss reality and in SUPSI.

The Gender and Diversity Service together with the International Office and in collaboration with all other SUPSI services, have therefore tried to give an answer to many questions, creating a small handbook that deals with both the bureaucratic and administrative aspects but also cultural and day to day aspects related to our university as well as to live and work in Ticino.

The printed version is available at the International Office and at the Gender and Diversity Service.