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Joint collaborations and teamwork to strengthen the Swiss university sector
11 May 2017
On 5th May, the team responsible for the internationalisation projects of Swissuniversities, the umbrella association of the university sector, visited our university to get to know our institution better. There were various topics of discussion and the areas in which the institutions will work to strengthen and improve the education offer and the activities in SUPSI.

In the field of internationalization activities and projects of the universities of Applied Sciences, there have been several opportunities to cooperate with Swissuniversities. This aspect is present in many areas within our institution: applied research, cooperation projects, national and international collaborations, the mobility of students, teachers and staff are just a few examples. Over the last few years, this element has grown thanks to external inputs and internal needs and interests, as well as the number of parties who, in SUPSI, work daily on internationalisation related issues.

On 5th May, the SUPSI board had the pleasure of receiving a delegation from Swissuniversities composed of managers from the international relations sector, contacts of certain scholarship programs and from colleagues responsible for the management of the national network for coordination of various activities. The purpose of the meeting was to understand better and in a more detailed manner the internationalisation aspect within SUPSI and the activities carried out. Following an overview by the general director, Franco Gervasoni, dedicated to SUPSI and to ongoing projects such as university campuses and institutional strategy, activities were presented in the field of international cooperation and applied research, areas of interest, some ad hoc projects - such as Expo 2015 - and activities related to academic mobility and collaboration. Finally, a look was taken at the activities carried out at the Department of Education and Learning. The presentation saw the direct participation of the parties engaged at the forefront of the various projects who have had the opportunity to be able to personally deepen aspects related to their work with the Swissuniversities contacts.

With the presentation of Swissuniversities' activities, a very constructive discussion was tabled on common themes to be developed and strengthened together; one of which the scholarships for the mobility of students, researchers and staff. The possibility of being able to directly compare on solid aspects has certainly laid the foundations for an even closer and more thorough collaboration for the needs of both SUPSI and, more generally, the university environment. The day was also an opportunity to meet and share with USI (Università della Svizzera italiana). Present at the meeting were, in fact, some managers of departments involved with the "Internationality" theme, with which SUPSI has already collaborated for some time through joint projects and best practice exchanges.