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New ideas for content and teaching methods thanks to international mobility
11 January 2019
Measuring oneself in a different context and immersing oneself in another language and culture: these were the elements that led Alessandro Siviero, professor of marketing and communication and new head of the CDL in Leisure Management, to carry out a week of teaching of high-impact professional and personal teaching at the CEU in Madrid.

Here is the testimony of his mobility experience:

For a long time I was interested in teaching in another context and in another language mainly for two reasons: to put to good use my knowledge the English language (I have very rarely the chance to use it in everyday working life) and the possibility of measuring myself in a different context from the usual one.
The new role of head of a degree course that has among its features language teaching, the relationship with foreign partners, and high rates of student mobility, has accelerated my decision-making process which was slow to materialize, not so much for lack of will but for the commitment to be able to co-ordinate this activity with all the others. This is where planning in advance becomes an important aspect as it allows you to identify the best period for mobility and be able to prepare for it in the best possible way.


Once I'd decided, I asked the economic coordinator of SUPSI mobility, Michela Ornati for to outline the possibilities and to support me in identifying the partners closest to my profile. Luckily, I previously hosted a lecturer in my marketing course at the partner university, so the communication channel was already open and active. Moreover, in December we hosted a study tour of some students and teachers from Madrid, further strengthening this partnership.
At that point, I proceeded independently to organise travel and teaching because the teacher of CEU was very responsive and arranged everything necessary for my visit and lessons: I indicated the topics I would have liked to deal with and the period of my trip (I proposed to facilitate her work with more than 5 themes with various teaching methods and periods) and she identified along with her departmental contact the teaching and courses in which I could insert the topics, choosing a couple of those I proposed and returning the planning of my stay.

From the point of view of the organization of the trip I acted independently and I could even use the partner agreements which SUPSI has in place (for example car parking at the airport).
The mobility, which was held in the last week of September, kept me busy both with teaching and connections; in addition to lecturing in various courses, I met the department director and the head of the faculty, the mobility contact person and several other colleagues. I had also the possibility to go to another university to understand the partnership possibilities for the new degree course.
Upon my return, I was even more enthusiastic than I was when I left. Beyond the professional aspects, there is now a capacity and a willingness to accommodate beyond expectations.

I would recommend an experience like this, because the achievable goals go above and beyond those that you'd take for granted within a mobility project: from an educational point of view, the different culture, and acting in a language which isn't one's own "forces" (with positive effects on their work) to readjust your content with more global and less local applications, to re-evaluate your specific skills in the field, to contain your explanations in a more explicit and simple language, to reprogram the content that you wanted to review but never decided to revise.
From a relationship point of view, new ideas for the implementation of different contents and teaching methods have emerged.

Do you want to take advantage of an opportunity such as this?

The call for teaching or education teaching applications for SUPSI staff at a university or European institution for the academic year 2019/2020, is open until 25 January 2019. Further information can be found on the page dedicated to the SEMP European mobility for SUPSI teachers, and staff.