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Workshop Sino-Swiss for sustainable architecture 2019
09 July 2019
Campus DACD
Once again this year, the collaboration between SUPSI's Bachelor course of Architecture and the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (China) is being renewed.

The workshop includes two working sessions, one in April where ten SUPSI students went to Hangzhou and one in July, where students from Zhejiang University visited Lugano.

In mixed teams, the students address this year's theme: sustainable neighbourhood design. The task assigned involves reasoning on density, common and public spaces, typology, flexibility, energy efficiency, energy production, water recycling and material cycle.

The workshop is coordinated by the architect Nicola Probst, professor of project coordination at SUPSI, and Dr. Francesco Frontini, professor and researcher at the Institute for Sustainability applied to the built environment, with the assistance of the architect Giusi Mombelli. In addition to these, teachers from Zhejiang University, architects Jindong Wu and He Yong. The workshop is also sponsored by the City of Lugano.