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SUPSI awarded at the International CAE Conference 2019
12 November 2019
On 28 and 29 October, the 35th edition of the International CAE Conference & Exhibition was held in Vicenza, a conference dedicated to innovation and engineering which included among its protagonists some researchers from the Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI.

Their poster, “The Swiss AA-CAES pilot plant: CFD modeling and validation of the TES system”, was awarded during the "Poster Award" session held during the two-day conference.

Created by S. Zavattoni (SUPSI-DTI), J. Roncolato (SUPSI-DTI), L. Geissbühler (ETH Zurich), A. Haselbacher (ETH), G. Zanganeh (ALACAES SA), A. Steinfeld (ETH) and M.C. Barbato (SUPSI-DTI), the poster presents the energy storage (AA-CAES) pilot plant built in Pollegio (TI), focusing, in particular, on the work done by Simone Zavattoni for CFD simulations of the single-tank thermal energy storage and their validation with the experimental results.
The 3 SUPSI collaborators who contributed to the project, funded by SCCER and SNF, are active at the Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Laboratory of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology of SUPSI (Department of Innovative Technologies).

The Conference
The 2019 edition of the International CAE Conference focused on the theme of Engineering Simulation and in particular on its role in the digital transformation process of companies. An event organized by Engin Soft and sponsored by the The National Council of Italian Engineers (CNI) that, for the third consecutive time, was held at the Vicenza Convention Centre.