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Welcome to the new RETECA students
23 November 2020
ISEA welcomed three new students from Latin America thanks to the support of the RETECA Foundation.

Marcelo Antonio Vilela Pardo from Bolivia, has been affiliated to the Scientific Area "RF, telecom, imaging", where he will be followed by Eng. Samuel Poretti and Ricardo Monleone. His interest is focused on RF technologies and he will have the opportunity to collaborate on a geo-radar development project, in parallel he will follow the training to obtain an MSE Master degree.

Nestor David Rendon Hurtado, a native of Colombia, is working in the Scientific Area "Digital Electronics, Microelectronics and Bioelectronics" where he will be welcomed by Dr. Daniele Allegri and engineer Marco Rogantini. Here he will have the opportunity to collaborate on an Innosuisse project oriented to the development of innovative technologies in favour of agriculture, dealing with artificial intelligence algorithms for the classification of parasites. Nestor David will also follow training courses to complete his Ph.D. course once back at his university.

Jayro Zaid Paiva Mimbela comes from Peru and has been included in the Scientific Area "Mechatronic Systems" where he works under the supervision of Dr. Mikael Bianchi. The task entrusted to him concerns the development of vision and artificial intelligence techniques for the recognition and classification of geometric shapes that can be used on a pick & place machine. For the study part, Jayro Zaid has chosen to obtain the MSE Master's degree.

In the photo from right: Marcelo Antonio Vilela Pardo, Jayro Zaid Paiva Mimbela, Nestor David Rendon Hurtado, Elena Torrisi, RETECA secretary and Ricardo Monleone, RETECA coordinator for SUPSI.