16 September 2022

Mobility management and process improvement were the focus of the service's many activities during 2021.

19 May 2022

Between 28th and 30th April 2022, the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care hosted the annual meeting of the ICP with the aim of sharing and promoting best practices for internationalisation and university mobility.

1 March 2022

Between February 12 and 19, a group of students from the Department of Innovative Technologies (DTI) and the Department of Environmental Construction and Design (DACD) visited Penn State University (PSU) as part of a collaborative project that will involve them throughout the Spring semester.

16 February 2022

Visit of a delegation of HEIG-VD students to the DTI and DACD campuses

A documentary (The Chinese Recipe: Bold and Smart by Jürg Neuenschwander) and an all-round discussion to take a behind-the-scenes look at the development process of Chinese enterprise.