Swiss Programme for Erasmus+
Swiss Programme for Erasmus+
In addition to the SEMP programme for individual mobility, the Swiss Erasmus+ programme also offers additional funding instruments to support and implement partnerships and institutional cooperation.

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Strategic Partnerships are subsidised to promote innovation in the Swiss education system at European level through international cooperation, knowledge exchange and the transfer of skills.

Knowledge Alliances are promoted to strengthen cooperation between Swiss educational institutions and companies, to improve the quality of training and to promote the modernisation of institutions.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic Partnerships allow institutions active in education to cooperate with European partners. In addition, they offer the possibility of developing new educational approaches and access to international networks for the exchange of knowledge and experience - an advantage for the entire Swiss education system.
The institutions involved jointly develop innovative concepts, methods and tools, exchange examples of good practice and exploit synergies. Strategic partnerships help to develop the quality of education and strengthen international networks.

All information on the programme can be found at the following link.

How to participate in the programme

There are two possible ways of participating in the programme, with two different deadlines:

  • Official participation through the European Erasmus+ programme - spring 2020
  • Associated participation through the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ - Spring 2020

All information on the procedure, deadlines to be met and the main documents can be found on the Movetia Strategic Partnerships website - submit an application.

Knowledge Alliances

In addition to strategic partnerships, Swiss institutions have the opportunity to participate in so-called Knowledge Alliances - Key Action 2 cooperation projects. You can participate either as an official partner in the European Erasmus+ programme (deadline 26 February 2020) or as an associated partner in the Swiss Erasmus+ programme (deadline 4 March 2020). Both modalities are based on rules which are defined at the following link.

In addition, the programme also allows preparatory visits that allow teachers and administrative staff of higher education institutions to prepare cooperation projects. The grant can be used to meet future partner organisations before applying for the project, to make contacts with a view to joint projects or to initiate projects with their partners.