In our institutions we are increasingly confronted with multi-and cross-disciplinarity within administrative, educational and research activities.
To meet these needs, SUPSI has organised three STAFF DAYS meetings focused on sharing and examination of these issues.

The first day will be dedicated to cross-disciplinarity within the administrative services and the exchange of Best Practices in the management of exchange and internationality shared dossiers.The speed and complexity we are facing today forces us to respond promptly and precisely, and this is only possible with the exchange and identification of the necessary skills within our institutions.
The morning of the second day will be focused on actual projects related to training and research with a distinctive cross-disciplinarity trait.

We have scheduled 3 meeting dates:

The scheduled dates are:

  • 5-6th July 2018
  • 6-7th September 2018
  • 4-5th October 2018

More information about costs and registration:



SUPSI Staff Days 5-6th July 2018